Health Effects of Nature

Research shows that green environments have positive effects on the physical, mental and social health. The greatest effect of the positive effects gets people debilitated function. Today uses several municipalities and counties nature as a resource for job-oriented initiatives, wellness, rehabilitation and care.

That nature has positive effects on health and wellbeing has been well known far back in history. Nature-based rehabilitation in various forms has occurred in many places around the empires, but to use the forest landscape as environmental rehabilitation and care environment in today’s modern society, however, is still a relatively new field and is still under development.

Wellbeing increases when we are in nature. Research shows that the more often people visit the green surroundings, the less they feel stressed, irritable and exhausted. The further away from the green areas you live, the higher levels of stress can be seen. The closer we are to the natural environment more often, we look to these environments and spend our leisure time there. 300 m without the busy road or barrier, we are people willing to go to a green space to be utilized regularly.

Nature is a restorative environment that promotes recovery. Blood pressure is lowered, our stress hormones drop and stress tolerance is increased. Nature provides the recharging of energy and mental capacity. This recovery from nature, we must not only by spending time in nature, but also by looking at nature through a window, a picture or a painting.

Nature is rich in sensory experiences. Positive sensory experiences give us peace and quiet hormones in the blood. Besides peace and quiet hormone oxytocin stimulates well-being, physical relaxation and growth, it has also been shown to have antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects. This state of peace and tranquility also facilitate concentration and learning.

Natural environments stimulate social contacts. Nature can also stimulate physical activity that enables us to train fitness, balance and motor. The skeleton is strengthened, muscle and movement is maintained and overweight countered. Although osteoporosis can be prevented by regular outdoors in daylight.

Exercise in itself has positive effects on health, but the environment in which the motion takes place can increase the impact by being relaxing. A combination of physical activity health benefits and natural relaxing effect, making it likely that a combination of the two is especially beneficial for people’s health and wellbeing.

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