For people who have never experienced a massage, they have no idea of the relaxation and healing properties they miss out. Many people would prefer to visit a doctor or specialist for advice and medicine to alleviate their pain or deal with their illness. Nowadays, even doctors refer patients to certified massage therapists to helpRead More →

Natural honey has been used by mankind since the past 2500 years. The many health benefits of honey have made it an important aspect of traditional medicines such as Ayurveda. Researchers also researching the benefits of honey in modern medicine, particularly its benefits in healing wounds. Perhaps your parents failed to mention it when theyRead More →


Research shows that green environments have positive effects on the physical, mental and social health. The greatest effect of the positive effects gets people debilitated function. Today uses several municipalities and counties nature as a resource for job-oriented initiatives, wellness, rehabilitation and care. That nature has positive effects on health and wellbeing has been wellRead More →