Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is for those who are motivated to reach beyond their current capacities. It is for those who recognize that, in order to see beyond their known horizons, they need other eyes with other points of view. Unfortunately, in our American culture the notions of independence and self-sufficiency have been stressed to the point where we tend to believe that we are supposed to be able to figure it out ourselves or to somehow already have the know-how to automatically solve our problems. As personal coaches we are able to help you clarify your various ambitions, whether they are in the realms of career, relationship, personal health, education, family relationships or parenting. We will help you identify which skills are necessary to attain your goals and design practices that will lead you to the fulfillment of your vision.

Professional Coaching

As the world of commerce changes at a rate unimaginable even five years ago, it will be increasingly difficult to stay connected to fundamental skills and values. We will need to sustain and improve our ability to speak and listen effectively; to cooperate and coordinate with one another efficiently; to maintain dignity in the workplace; and to lead and be led in a powerful way in order to remain viable in business in the coming years. Because of the abundant availability of information and the number of options available to us in business, the only thing that will set any of us apart from others in the marketplace is how we handle these basic skills.

As professional coaches we are able to assist our clients to be clear about their ambition so that decisions they make are guided by a deeply rooted connection with their core values. We are able to help our clients read the world in such a way as to anticipate interruptions or breakdowns while there is still time to act. We can help our clients design practices which will enable them to accumulate the necessary skills for reaching their goals. We are committed to being a source of centered and generative vision for the business people in our community.